Rhino suggestions

Hello, I need to design some simple medallions and crosses for wax
models. They will be small with lettering and simple bas-relief. I
have a trial copy of Rhino to evaluate. Does anyone know of a site
that has a tutorial or advice how to do very simple things like this?
The program is intimidating for non-computer geniuses :slight_smile:

Fr. Alexis Duncan
Joy of All Who Sorrow Russian Orthodox Church
Atlanta, GA

This can quickly be done in Art-CAM. Crosses and medallions are flat
or 2 1/2 D items, and really don’t need to be modeled in Rhino. Call
Modelmaster at 770-704-0123 (they are in Woodstock). Modelmaster is
the source for Art-CAM, and they make 4 axis milling machines. They
can recommend someone local that can model and produce the prototypes
for you. I do crosses for several local churches, if you can draw the
pieces in Corel Draw, they can easily be transferred into Art-CAM.
Bit maps and even sketches can be as the basis for models.

Rick Hamilton

Check out Rhinos web site they have online tuts. Also email
info@jbdstudio.com he is a certtified Rhino instructor and will be
giving a one week class at the New Approach Jewelry School in
Virgina Beach the first week in May. Good luck

I am happy to help you, for someone inexperience with CAD the
learning curve is pretty steep. The type of modeling you’re referring
to is usually done with Booleans, and they can be tricky at first.
However, here’s some tips. Create each artistic element by creating
the 2 dimensional curves first (make sure all the curves are joined
into one curve), then using the Solids menu, use the command Extrude
Planar Curves to create solids from the curves (the term CURVES
includes straight lines by definition). If you want an inset area in
a cross or medallion, create another solid and Boolean Union the two
together to create one solid from them both. For lettering, use the
option to create solids from the lettering dialog box, then use
Boolean Union to add the lettering to the model. Here’s a site with
some tutorials http://market.renderosity.com/~rhino/index.htm I’ll
even do them for you if you like, or step you through them. Please
email me directly (address below).

Jeffrey Everett
(the email address is spelled differently than my name is spelled…)