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Rhino 3.0

I have been using rhino 3.0 to design jewelry for the past year and
I must say that rhino has proven itself to be a stable and relatively
easy to use 3d cad modeling program.

I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in getting into 3d
modeling and rapid prototyping. There at least two reasons for this

  1. Compared to comparable 3d cad applications rhino3d is moderately

  2. Rhino is a nurbs modeler which makes it relatively easy to create
    and manipulate organic forms commonly found in jewelry design.

If you have never used a cad program or a 3d modeling program it may
seem that rhino 3d has a steep learning curve. But after using a
number of computer graphics applications I think that the learning
curve for rhino3d is about average. It is important to read the
manuals and follow the tutorials because the key to successfully
using rhino or just about any other 3d cad package is to learn the
fundamental concepts involved in 3d modeling.

Ted Curtis

Hi Orchidians,

I’m completely in agreement about what Ted said. I’ have been testing
3D programs for two years, before to choose the best for my way of
working. Rhino 3.0 results the one which gave me the best
performances at a nice price and in a very short time learning.

Now ,after I have been using it every day for one year, I’m a
goldsmith and a professional designer too, you may see some results
at and at choosing DESIGN .

See everything about Rhino and its plug in for rendering and jewelry

Hope to be useful and be free to write me if you want to wish to
have some work-tracks. @Gus

Bye, GUS