Review of the Miniflam torch

I have just reviewed the safe, lightweight, very hot Miniflam EZ-PBT.
Read about it here:

Have a pleasant weekend,
Jeff Herman 

Thanks for the interesting review! I hope you will expand a few

  • Can it produce a large enough flame to do the work that another
    torch, say, your SilverSmith, can do? Yes, OK, it is hot, but as
    we’ve discussed here before, temperature is different from enough

  • After the two years of refills, what will it cost to keep it in

  • How much does it cost to get started with it? Torch, tanks, tips,

This info is very useful to me, because many of my students are
potential customers for such a torch if it is a significant
improvement over a hand-held butane. Thanks very much for writing and


Hello Noel,

The Miniflam doesn’t have the BTUs that a high-pressure oxy-acetylene
system has, so I wouldn’t advise it for use on holloware. I did
successfully attach a baby cup handle to its body, but I wouldn’t use
it on heavy-gauge material.

I’m waiting for answers to your questions regarding cost.

Jeff Herman