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Revere Videos

based upon the positive reviews i have read from you, i bought
several of the revere videos. you were right! they are excellent.

i had wondered about the quality of the videos because some videos i
have bought in the past were not produced well. these videos are
well-produced. the camera work is excellent. there are many
close-ups that allow me to see better than i could if i were there
for a personal demo. revere’s narrative is helpful, and the pace of
the video is appropriate for a learner.

i had suspected that a video would simply repeat what i could read in
a book. but i learned things from the video i would not have been
able to get by reading. not only were there tips and tricks i might
not have read, watching revere’s techniques allow me to intuitively
adopt techniques of an expert. learning by watching is our most
natural way of learning motor skills.

also, my (slow) learning style is to take one skill and practice it
over and over before going on to the next skill. the classes i have
taken were more survey classes that exposed the students to many
skills but didn’t allow enough time to drill in each skill. with
videos i can play a segment over and over again and then go practice a
skill to my satisfaction.

last, i had wondered whether i would get enough to make
the videos worth the cost. they’re worth it.

jean adkins