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Revere Gets Gold Fever

Revere Gets Gold Fever Second Annual Field Trip to the Gold Country

Alan Revere took his Summer Jewelry Technician Intensive class on
the second annual field trip to the Gold Country to give his students
an appreciation of the history behind the materials they work with as
goldsmiths. The class caravan departed San Francisco and headed
for the hills for an overnight trip to explore the history of gold
mining. The first stop was the Sutter Gold Mine, where the students
donned hard hats before going underground into the belly of the mine.
In the mine, students learned about historical mining techniques and
viewed quartz veins from which gold is mined. The class spent the
night at the historic National Hotel, the oldest hotel in California.
The next day was spent panning for gold on the Mokelumne River.
Hopes were high as the panning technique was demonstrated by a
seasoned prospector. All the students came away from the trip much
richer; most students found sizable nuggets, but everyone came away
with knowledge of the history behind the materials used in class.

The Jewelry Technician Intensive program provides total immersion as
preparation for a career in jewelry. Participants also meet local
jewelry manufacturers, bench workers, designers and attend related
field trips. The Intensive=92s full time format includes 40 hours per
week in the studio. Graduates earn the Academy=92s Jewelry Technician
Diploma as well as preparation for certification as a JA=AE Bench
Jeweler Technician=99. The next JTI program is scheduled October 16 t=
December 12, 2002.

The Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts is a professional jewelry school
located in downtown San Francisco=92s historic Phelan Building, which
has been the center of Northern California=92s jewelry industry for
nearly a century. Schedules, and a free video tour are
available upon request from the Revere Academy, 760 Market Street,
Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94102. Tel: 415-391-4179. Web site: Fax: 415-391-7570. Email:

Christine Dhein Assistant Director

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of Jewelry Arts 760 Market Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94102
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