Revere Academy

Wendy, Thanks for your offer. In terms of your offer, I don’t
think it would work for a number of reasons: 1) My time at
Revere would be limited but rather intense, and I don’t think
I’d have the time or energy after a full day there to be
transferring the knowledge; 2) In order to teach something I had
learned, I’d need some time to apply the knowledge myself before
I felt proficient enough to pass it on. I thank you for your
offer, however. Good luck – --Madeline

During my dusty path to jewelry and isolated from the trade, I was
struggling to complete each project from the seat of my pants, often
doing projects over and over again to get them right, I found the
Revere Academy. Not only finding great instructors, but a great
community. I came away with the knowledge to build any piece my
imagination could conceive! The best time saver ever came from Alan’s
wisdom, “do it right the first time” Thank you so very much, and best
of wishes in your new space.

Sandy Sanderson