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Revealing solder joints

I have heard of a liquid product called SOLDER PRINT that when use
on jewelry reveals the presents of solder. Anybody know how the
stuff works and who manufactures it.



I’ve never heard of this product but if you want to locate solder
joins try heating the item gently.


Either gently warming the metal with a yellow defusing flame, or
dabbing a small amount of Iodine where I suspect there will besseam,
usually reveals that seam.

Hi Lee;

I’ve used it, I believe I got it from either Rio Grande or Stuller.
In my opinion, it’s not worth the money as you get just as good
results from Iodine which you can get from any drugstore. In fact,
Solder Prints smells a lot like Iodine and I suspect that’s what it
contains, except it’s way more expensive.

David L. Huffman


I don’t think the disclosing liquids are really worth the money. I
usually use a small oxidizing flame to disclose a joint. The solder
will discolor ahead of the object particularly if it is medium down
to extra easy, which is… extra easy to discolor. And I only do
that if I can’t find something under 10 of 15x that tells me I have
found the seam. I am not familiar with a yellow defusing flame but
rather a yellow reducing flame and in my experience, the reducing
flame is less effective then the oxidizing flame which is oxigen

James F. Conley

I would just warm it up without any firescale protection with
diffused yellow flame…that costs you nothing.

The Jewelry CAD Institute

Rio Grande sells that, Albuquerque NM.

Peter B. Wolff

Same thing James…diffused is reducing flame. The object here is
just to discolor the parent metal enough without heating the object
up to damage any other stone elements. Too hot for fingers too hot
for some stones.

The Jewelry CAD Institute