Retrieving and Reusing Molds

I have been working with a caster with small quantity casting, every
order has been received with some kind of problem from contaminated
silver, missed deadlines, or just forgot to cast??? Is this normal in
the industry? how can I diplomatically ask for my molds back? will
another company be able to use these molds, or will I have to pay for
new molds to be made?



I am sorry to hear about the problems you are experiencing.

Please contact me off list at and I would be
happy to discuss what kind of work you would like to have done.

If you paid to have molds made then they are yours but getting them
back from someone with the kind of work ethic you are describing is a
whole different issue.

Diplomacy should be used with every person you work with but I don’t
think just asking for your molds back requires anything more than
just asking to have them sent back to you. If you are concerned about
their reaction then it is definitely time to move on.

Greg DeMark


Every caster, mold maker, jeweler has his day of blown jobs, but it
should’nt be all of them,how did you find this business and why
would you go back? The molds are your property,if you have paid
for them and yes anyone can reuse a mold,provided that they were
made properly,that might be some of the problem right
there…why do you feel the need to be diplomatic? this is a
business not a democracy…jewelry business is tough, suck it up or
go work for some one else.

lisa mcconnell