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Retreat type jewelry workshops

In another thread @royjohn pointed me to “Wildacres School, in the Appalachians.” I was VERY impressed as something wife and I would like to do during our retirement. Unfortunately we live in Texas and don’t qualify for Wildacres :disappointed_relieved: The class selection was perfect the price very good and the accommodations perfect.

Any information on other similar programs would be appreciated. We live in the Dallas area but are not restricted to that area. I’ve tried several google searches but most returns are college/university type semester programs (too long). 1-2 weeks would be perfect.

You should check with Wildacres and William Holland schools. I believe both give registration priority to members of clubs affiliated with their respective organizations, but accept anyone as a student. There may be a slightly higher fee for non-members, although that is not what the Wildacres website said. Not all classes fill all the time, so I think there is a good chance you can book a class, esp. if you express your great interest in a phone call or email to the school and register early. You may also find that you can become a member of a club in another state for a few dollars, and that will give you prioirty, plus you will probably get a nice newsletter, too.

Both these schools give wonderful workshops in beautiful mountain settings for very reasonable fees. About the only thing I would put a qualifier on is the food at Wm. Holland. I was only there visiting for a day, but found the dinner uninspired but decent. There are, however, good teachers and better ones, so check the teacher’s credentials before deciding what to attend. Some have quite impressive bios.

Another place you could check with is the schools run by the Middle Tennessee Gem and Mineral Society, in Nashville and Tullahoma. They teach lapidary, faceting and various metalwork/jewelry classes and have a very complete workshop. There are weekly classes but also “pop-up” one and two day classes on weekends.

Hope this helps you get started. If you’'re coming through Knoxville, give me a shout and maybe we can get together for a beer.

Check out the John c. Campbell Folk School in western North Carolina. Also a beautiful setting, they offer a rich selection of metalwork and enameling classes

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Just returned from teaching at Arrowmont in Eastern Tennessee. Just what I are looking for.

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There is a wonderful school in N Carolina called Penland. I did a week long workshop there a few years ago and it was very good.

There are art and jewelry making retreats at Hacienda Mosaico in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico that are FABULOUS!!! The Hacienda is a gorgeous location, with a swimming pool and very individualized rooms. It only sleeps 10 people, so the classes are a great size. A substantial breakfast and lunch are included in the price, and the food is EXCELLENT! For dinner, a snack will suffice for me, but one can also go into town and eat at a restaurant for very reasonable prices. There is also a very good taco stand a block away where one can grab supper. The Hacienda is intended as an artspace, and has an outdoor classroom with a roof.

Richard Salley teaches a class in January each year; if you aren’t familiar with him or his wife, just google his name. They are both great teachers and one gets a lot of individual attention. Others also teach jewelry classes, but I don’t know who or what their schedule(s) might be.

You can check everything out at

I’ve taught at Idyllwild in Ca. So very lovely up there. Metals week is a
When it was time for me to go I almost cried. When the van came to take me
to the airport I was tempted to hide under the bed like a pet does when
they know they have to go to the vet.
If you ever get the chance go there for Metals Week in the late
spring/early summer. Deb Jemmott runs metals week there and she’s such a

-Jo Haemer

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There is a one-week program being offered at Wildacres by FSG.
You don’t have to be a member to attend.