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Retired with stock remaining

Last June I remarried, and retired from making wire jewelry, having
been at it for almost 29 years. Since retiring, the pain in my hands
has almost completely gone, so I won’t be returning to the trade. I
wholesaled much of my stuff (base metals, rough stone, and my
finished jewelry) at a Federation Rock& Gem Show, but still have my
"best" things: faceted stones (especially 3mm& 5mm, but some
larger), specialty cut cabs, wrappable stones, better quality beads,
sterling and 14k goldfill wire and sheet, findings, tools, and
soldering supplies. (My late husband was the one who soldered, so I’m
not exactly sure what some of these things are.) I also have a Craft
Hut canopy, jewelry boxes, and some custom built display risers.

We are now in the midst of moving to our new house, and I would love
to sellthis stuff now, or soon. Any suggestions? Anyone want all of
it? I would keep only enough to make a few pairs of earrings and
such for myself, the restis just expensive storage in boxes.

I’m in the greater Sacramento, CA area, Shingle Springs, if someone
wants tosee. I haven’t yet come up with a price, but do have records
of my costs. As much as I would like to get that back, if anyone
wants it all, we can talk bulk price.

Wirewrap jeweler,
Bev Ludlow Anderson

Thank you,

Good suggestions. I’ll get things more “together” as I pack and move
boxes during this move, start a list of who to contact, and find
their contact info.

I do have a Facebook page, just not a very active one.

Bev Anderson

Bev - there are several destash sites as facebook groups. The one I
see the most is The Artist Garage Group. It is a closed site so
someone needs to add you. You do need to have a face book page to do

Perhaps easier is to contact a local art metals group or school and
have them help you.

Judy Hoch

There’s a page on Facebook: The Artist Garage Group with 12,000

This is where you can sell your excess personal supplies. NOT a
commercial sales site.

Also there are pages specifically for silversmiths, Metalsmiths,
wire wrappers, enamelists, fold formers, etc. Most groups are for
only, not selling, but you can ask questions in the
specific group to find selling groups.

hi Bev,

you are welcome to contact me off-site, I am looking for wire and
sheet [@Mark_Zirinsky2]