Retipping Sapphire

I have a customer who has a flame fusion, color change,
synthetic sapphire that is in a ring and the prongs need to be
retipped. I’m not worried about the stone itself being able to
handle the heat but is the heat likely to cause any change in the
way the stone changes color? Thanks in advance.

The simpl answer to this question and all questions about
re-tipping… When and if you are EVER in DOUBT, take the stone
out… This makes more sense then taking any risk of breaking the
stone… Not only that but beyond just retipping (which I frown
upon) your other option is to either replace the crown or cut off
the existing prongs half way down leaving a shelf, and solder new
prongs on and set the stone from scratch… in the long run, this
will save you time and head-aches… Marc Williams