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Reticulating various metals

I was thinking someone would point this out but none have yet. I
know many of you are familiar with Hoover and Strong, the best
precious metals supplier i’ve run across (sheet, grain, wire,
settings, bezels, etc.). on pgs 300 and 301 there is a very good
abbreviated description of the reticulation process as well as
sample pictures of 15 different reticulated gold and silver alloys.

Matter of fact… several good 2 page articles in the back of the
catalog. Check it out! If you don’t have their catalog then
contact them at 1 800 759-9997 or
located in Richmond, Virginia. They are very knowledgeable and
professional, I’ve several times asked them for advice on my
metallurgical problems and am amazed at their wisdom and helpful

Ussual Disclamer: I’m not affiliated, not connected financially,
mostly sane, not asked or paid by forementioned company to recommend
them, and sometimes know what i’m talking about.