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Results of my Orchid post


This is quite an honor. I have been quoted in the new MJSA Journal.

Early in January I was contacted by Tina Snyder, Editor in Chief of
MJSA Journal. It was in reference to an entry I had made on Orchid
about taking a Baby’s Finger Print.

The article now is printed on the page 66 of the February 2010, MJSA
Journal, and says:

“As an alternative to lost-wax casting, Rose Marie Christison of
Denver suggests making an RTV mold by pressing the finger tip
into the RTV and using PMC in the mold. When the RTV is set, she
presses PMC3 (which has the lowest shrinkage rate) into the
mold, lets the clay dry, and fires it in a kiln at 1,150 degrees
F (621 degrees C) for 30 minutes”.

There were two other items, one by David Geller of JewelerProfit in
Atlanta and the other by Ken Moore of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Thanks for having this world-wide read communication available.

Rose Marie Christison