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Results of a setting poll

Dear Orchid readers! When I was at the BENCH conference last week I
was offering my first CD on "Graver

Sharpening" I was pleasantly surprised. Not in the sales of these CD
and literature. But in the results that I should now look into
making a series of other setting CD’s. NO VHS! Well after very
careful deliberation it gives me great pleasure that as of tomorrow
morning I will embark on this new role. I will attempt to “continue
to help others” in accepting this challenge of making a whole raft
of setting CD’s. Along with each CD will have printed literature on
each facet of setting. So you can see and now read how things are
done. I was totally inundated with so many requests last weekend,
that I cannot refuse to keep my techniques quiet. I maintain that
many of these readers are not at all adept with the many nuances of
setting. I will gear my teachings to those who are in the novice
and intermediate stages of this craft…Gerry!