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Restyling days

Dear all,

I understand that in America there are Goldsmiths that travel with a
mobile bench and hold ‘Restyling days’ in stores that do not have
their own workshops.

Do any of you have experience of this type of work?

What type of jobs are carried out on the restyling days?

How much do the ‘Host’ stores expect to pay?

Do any of you have details of the benches that are used?

Any would be useful.

Yours, with thanks
Adrian (in rainy England)

Hi Adrian

Those goldsmiths have a bench with storage and wheels. It’s about 2
feet by 5 feet long and the jeweler sits on the one end. There’s a
steamer and ultrasonic cleaner on the other. Typically they just do
sizing and setting (center stones) sometimes, but rarely they’ll set
pave also. Definately not the best work you’ll find and the customer
gets to stand over your shoulder as you’re working on the edge of the
carpet halfway into the mall. Nerveracking to say the least. They
stores sell the setting at keystone. With the remount company paying
the jeweler a fee based on % of sales. (I’m pretty sure…)