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Restoration Question

Hello everybody, I am a new list reader and am very pleased with the
forum. I have ruined a piece of jewerly, and I hope some of you can
reccomend a soulution. When I was in Saudi Arabia During Desert
Storm, I bought a Bedouin necklace from a seller in a camp. I know it
may be a total fake, and my problem may have this as it’s cause. For
the sake of things, let me say what i think has happened. It is a
wonderful Silver necklace made of many coins strung on crude wire
chain. Now what I did was this; being a soldier in a war zone, I only
had one polishing compound available to me. Being the youngster I was,
I didn’t realize I should NEVER have polished it in the first place!
I’m sure you can guess… I pulled out my tin of Brasso and went to
work on it. What happened was that the surface became a pink copper
color. So I fear; have I polished off an electroplate? Will Brasso
turn silver copper?.. can I fix this at all?

Thank you for any help you might have. Please tell me an Alum pickle
for a few hours will clean it up nicely :slight_smile:


You shouldn’t have any damage under the brasso or what ever the
polish was you just have to go a little deeper to find the shine if
they were silver coins that is G’Day Joe of Jodapa Enterprizes.