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Response to 'photo tricks'

Bud, I read your recent post regarding photo tricks with much
interest. If your look into the Orchid posts from a week or so ago I
described in detail how I have been photographing my work through a
lampshade. But I still find that even though the lampshade works as
a good diffuser there are alot of limitations and there is still much
room for improvement in the final product, mostly regarding lighting.
I am curious as to what kind of a camera and lense you are using. I
use a flash attachment but I am going to try setting up a light box
and use some different kinds of lighting because I think the lighting
is the basic thing that is giving me less than quality results.
Also, don’t you find it impossible to use a tripod with the
lampshade?? That has been one of the biggest limitations for me.
Please write in and describe in more detail what you are doing and
what kind of equipment you are using. It seems most of the people
writing in about photographing their own work are using digital
cameras and I would like to hear more from people who are not since
I don’t have one. Thanks.