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Respiratory protection when sanding


I’ve been in the studio all day, doing a fair bit of sanding both
with sanding sticks, and silicon wheels. There’s a fair bit of
ventilation in the room, and I was wearing a disposable white paper
mask, and now I feel a bit cloggy in the lungs. All that silicon
can’t be a good thing, so I am wondering what is the best kind of
mask to wear in this situation, preferably one that doesn’t divert
the expelled breath straight up into my glasses where they get all

Best wishes,
Anna M Williams


I have been using this model for 30 years:

Jeff Herman

I use a 3M mask with a one way valve. You better check to make sure
that what you buy will filter what you are otherwise breathing. Rob

Rob Meixner

This is my setup at work. Vents to the roof, it could go to a filter
box or out a wall. I use it with anything that goes on my flex shaft
and with my wax pen. Draws fumes away from my face. If you have one
good vent fan you can divert it to different pieces of equipment.