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[Resources] Silk Screening with Ennamel

Evening everyone,

I understand from a recent enamelling course that there are methods
of ‘silk screening’ enamel. I have been through a number of books
including Linda Darty’s The Art of Enameling: Techniques, Projects,
Inspiration - which touched ever so briefly on this. Think Warhol
with enamel.

If anyone can suggest resources (i.e. books and websites) I would
greatly appreciate it.

Taylor in Toronto

You might want to get in touch with Riso Screens (they have a web
site), as they make the screens and frames for the screens used for
silk screening. I use them for silk screening on enameled copper.
They have full instructions for their use. Instead of doing your
screening on paper, you would be doing it on enameled copper. And,
instead of using the inks ma de for paper you would use very finely
ground enamels made for screening. There are two types—oil based
and water based. I prefer the water base dones. For more specific
directions check out the Glass on Metal web site. They probably
have an article on silk screening that you can download. You
might also find something on the Dutch Enameler’s website. Alma