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Resource for leather belts

Does anyone know of a good resource for leather belt “blanks”? I’ve
been working of some belt buckle designs and need to find a resource
for the belt. I want to use nice soft matte leather. I don’t like
what I’ve found at Tandy or Rio Grande, very stiff and shiny
black.I’d prefer to find a belt already ready to accept a buckle
rather than cutting them from a hide. Any leads would be appreciated.

Thanks, trilby

Dear trilby,

I have used Tandybelt blanks to mount buckles that I have made.

Like a hand made silverchain for a medallion, a hand worked leather
belt will enhance your set piece. The Tandy blank can be shaped,
colored and softened with simple tools, waxesand oils. It’s the
raw material with whichyou canmake something beautiful. And t=
process is quite relaxing too.

— Allan Wilkinson

My 87 year old father, who cuts cabochons and makes belt buckles and
bola ties as a hobby, gets the leather belts for his buckles from
Eloxite Corp. They are carved with designs, not plain–I’m not sure
what you’re looking for. Eloxite doesn’t have a huge selection, but
the ones they have are nice. Go to
"browse products", then choose “leather belts” from the menu page to
see their selections.

–Kathy Johnson
Feathered Gems Jewelry


The following company should have what you need:

Chace Leather Products in Massachusettes. Their phone number is
1-800-272-4223. Their website is

Diane Sadel


Best belts…one piece, quality leather, snaps for buckle
retention (no stitching), long lasting, wide variety, catalog, Native
American and standard styles, all sizes etc., etc. Not inexpensive,
but worth the price. No relationship to source… other than being
very satisfied with their belts to compliment my silver buckles.

P.O.BOX 157

Paul H.

Here are some possibilities for belts blanks:

Hope this helps,
Robert S. Baines
Sitka, Alaska, USA

In general, any quality leather belt leather is going to be quite
firm and stiff. Any leather that is already soft and pliable
(garment leather) is not generally suitable for a belt. You can get
the unstained and undyed blanks from any good leather dealer
( is another not mentioned, yet). Once dyed and
sealed, you have to “break” or work the leather and soften it.

If you don’t want the hassle of processing the belt blanks yourself,
there are many leather workers floating around that would love
quality metal findings for their leatherwork.

Ron Charlotte – Gainesville, FL
@Ron_Charlotte1 OR

    need to find a resource for the belt. I want to use nice soft
matte leather.  I don't like what I've found at Tandy or Rio
Grande, very stiff and shiny black. 

I’m not a leather worker, but…Better belts are usually made with a
better grade of hide, and isn’t split so they can get more material
out of it. However, because they are the full hide, they tend to be a
little stiff until they’re worn in. What we’ve always used to soften
up the leather, whether it’s belts, boots or a new saddle, is
neatsfoot oil, also called leather conditioner. Several applications
of this oil, rubbed in well, will make the leather more supple. It
will also help revive old leather, used after you’ve removed the
grundge with saddle soap. Another thing we do to get new leather more
supple, say for reins, is to clamp a baseball bat or wooden chair
rung in a stout vise, and rub the leather over it. Imagine when you
used to get a real shoe shine, and the cloth was grasped in both
hands and rubbed back and forth over the toe or heel. Same thing, but
you grasp the leather in this case.

 Does anyone know of a good resource for leather belt "blanks"? 

It seems most belts today have the buckles permanently attached. The
best source I’ve found for belts that can accept different buckles is
from a boot and saddlery (tack) shop. They usually have a decent
selection and most of them are snap type… I guess so you can put
your rodeo championship buckles on. :wink:

All the best,
Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)