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Resource for cables and chains


Good morning to all,

I’m working with a customer who has picked a gold and onyx pendant to
be hung on a chain or cable. He is very athletic and I know he will
wear this pendant while competing. He has requested a “black” chain
or cable. It has to be sturdy and wear extremely well. I have thought
maybe titanium or stainless??? I’m having trouble finding a resource
for something “black”. I have ruled out leather, rubber & oxidized
silver. Anyone have any ideas, or resources I may use? I’ve looked at
Chris’s Cables, but thought I’d ask the group of experts first. Any
ideas are welcomed. As always, thanks in advance.




Might try these guys, they have a black chain on the first web page.



Karen, Other than a blue black exotic alloy of titanium everything
else will be a surface fin sh subject to wear. I have yet to see

Ti alloy in wire let alone chain. We have some great Ti chain, Some
with welded links but it is just silver gray. Probably no your best
choice with a gold setting. Chris’s Cables are grayer and made of
Niobium, but nothing like black. Chris’s Cables can not be heat
treated. Bill

Thank you, Bill, Deborah, Michele & Sarah
Reactive Metals Studio, Inc.

I have thought maybe titanium or stainless???? I'm having trouble
finding a resource for something "black". 

Stuller sells black stainless cable/wire necklaces, but they are
coated, and may eventually wear.

Matthew Crawford