Resizing argentium stone set rings

Hi Orchid, I’ve been making a series of bezel set argentium ringsbut
have run up against the old issue of resizing. My problem is that I
cannot get the shank hot enough to solder with the stone under
water. I’ve never used anything but a regular old propane plumbers
torch and that has been fine for my purposes but I’m wondering if
maybe I’ve reached the limit ofwhat can be done with this type of
torch. Is it possible to do this kind of resizing with the small
torches that run on the disposable oxygen and mapp gas canisters? I
don’t really want to get involved with the large tanks for various
reasons. Thanks, Douglas

Hi Dug. I’ve been working with Argentium for about 6 yrs. now.
Depending on how heavy the shank is you can fuse it closed under
water. You will need a more powerful/hotter set up. I have a Mecco
midget oxy/propane torch. Have fun.