Resists for etching silver - paint pens

Hi Noel. you mention going over the PNP image with a "paint pen.“
What is a paint pen??? Could you be more specific—brand name
etc. I had some PNP copies made at the local Lazerquick, but they
came out full of pinholes. I contacted the PNP manufacturers and
they informed me that the copies had probably been made on the new
copiers which colate etc. These are not as good for our purposes as
the older type machines. I would like to salvage the ones I have
had made—all 15 copies, by going over them with some resist, and
your mention of a” paint pen " sounds like a perfect solution, but I
don’t know what kind of pen you are referring to… Thanks for your
help. Alma

Hi, Alma, First-- you touch up after the image is on the metal, not
on your copy. That said, if you go to an art or hobby store and ask
for paint pens, they should have them. Brand doesn’t matter. Mine
are Marvy. They come in “fine”, which is pretty big, and “extra
fine” which makes a mark about the size of a rollerball type pen,
and can be used for most fine lines. Any color-- but I suggest not
black, so you can see what you’ve done. One other thing-- even
Sharpie marker will help strengthen your resist a bit. Paint marker
is better.

HTH! --Noel