Resins properties chart

I promised, in response to a query, to look up the article on resins
in Jewelry Artist. I did so-- it was the Augusr 08 issue. On page 50
there is a chart that gives properties of several resins, though
Colores is not one of them. The article is about clear resins such as
you would use to cover and preserve organic objects and materials.The
author, Eleanor MacNish, seems to be most pleased with HB Magic-Glos
UV Resin, distributed by JHB International in Denver, which cures in
5-10 minutes in sunlight. She describes it as nearly perfect. In the
current issue, there is a letter saying that this product can be hard
to find, but that it can be obtained through, and it is
#6605. I pass this on for what it’s worth. I haven’t used or bought
the product, so I cannot vouch for it. –