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Resins casts

I am looking for a resin/plastic cast to use in some pieces. Does
anyone know of an easy-to-use, readily available resin? Thanks!


Dear Allison,

I have been using Goldenwest PO Box 1148 Cedar Ridge Ca 95924 phone #
530-272-1133 as my resin supplier. I use the #891. It sets up quickly
and machines well. They have a number of different materials to
choose from. Have fun.

Best regards,
Tr the Teacher,
Todd Hawkinson

Hi Allison,

Rio Grande has Durenamel epoxy resin, excellent for casting filing
and polishing. There are too Polytek ( )and Smooth-On
(,manufacturers of a wide variety of epoxies
for different types of work.

Besides following the manufacturers mixing ratio and curing
temperature and time, there are 2 major components in the casting
process to think of seriously: 1- The casting molds : silicone molds
are used to cast resin, but there are many types of silicone, so you
should ask the manufacturer for the appropriate type to suit both your
resin and type of work you do. 2- One major important equipment you
should have is a pressure vessel to cure your resin . By pressurizing
your resin you get bubble free parts and helps you cast very complex

I have been using resin for so many years, and it’s really fun to
use. You can take a look at my home page to see an example or
resin/gold marriage, where I use interchangeable resin rings to suit
different moods and feelings.

Fady Sawaya 3D jewelry designer