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Resin Casting Paper from Santa Fe Symposium

Hello all. I presented a paper at this years SFS on resin casting. I made a short overview of the findings:


Sound like some information I need. I have to see what the boiling is? I have old casting equipment and get adequate casts but I don’t get great finishes. SD

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Very good paper. Thank you for your research.
I am currently struggling with resin casting. However it seens that my casting resin is having some wax content in ti because it melts around 200-300C(didnt measure). Sometimes there is some ash residue defects on some pieces - typically upper part inside rings and sometime random places. I have followed manufacturer burnout instructions but results seem to be the same. Tried extended curing but didnt helped.
Your paper lit some light on the subject. So I will try wthings you suggested.

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