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Reshaping a wedding band?

Hi, due to years of working with my wedding band on, it has become
deformed and oval in shape. It’s probably 14 or 18kt gold and white
gold combo, and since it was store-bought, I’m reluctant to heat and
re-shape on a mandrel. Is this a no-brainer? Is it okay to heat
this ring, or just tap it into shape? Thanks! Quik.

I would try just tapping it out first. If that doesn’t work you
might need to anneal it, but having done this many times for customers
in my shop I can’t recall ever needing to anneal it.

Hi, someone responded to this thread and I accidentally erased it!!
Could you respond autre temps? Merci beaucoups - Quik.

** Hanuman’s Response **

Dear Quik

You can Quickly retreive the lost_post from the archives.

I did an easy search and found your lost post at: