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Resetting small diamonds

Hi, everyone. Since my prong building disaster, I’ve gotten much
better at tipping and building prongs. My trouble now is replacing
tiny diamonds when they fall out. Part of this is my natural
tendency to over think. however, stone replacement is a big part of
our job and it seems to take me forever. I guess the fact that all
diamonds are actually different sizes and the right size diamond
usually requires some prong bending or seat enlarging with a bur…
or at least the latter is what I’m being told to do. I need to do it
faster but it also needs to be a quality repair. Does anyone else
have trouble with this? Thank you.

I use a binocular microscope which makes it much faster and a better
job. Not cheap but I can work much faster and have no problems with
stones fallingout after I set them. thus I get paid more then others
around me.

Panama Bay Jewelers