Resetore pearl finish

Hello All Orchidians I am in a strange predicament , I have a strand
of pearls ( well I thought they were ) .This strand is probably 80
years old or so , anyway the lady that does my restringing for me
will lightly clean the pearls with a damp cloth to remove make up
and such before restringing WELL the coating came completely OFF !!!
Now we have what looks like glass beads or quartz beads tapered. So
OK now what ? These beads are tapered to look like pearls but now
they are cloudy clear ( if that makes any sense)

Is there a process to recoat these beads or am i S.O.L. I have never
had this kind of thing happen , Can anybody offer any suggestion on
this matter. ( These pearls almost looked grayish like the real ones
do over years of wear )

Thanks in advance