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Request Chicago Area People

Hello. I have noticed that not all of the Chicago area/Northern
Illinois Orchidists know about Artists in Metal - Chicago. If the
Chicago area metalsmiths and jewelers would please email me your
email addresses, I will send you contact on AIM. I am
also investigating getting the newsletter sent electronically. I
don’t want to take up too much Orchid time on this, since it’s so
local; I do want to let everyone know about AIM…opportunity for
Orchidists around here to network F2F. Thank you. -Elaine

Since I am new to this list, and looking for galleries again,
after a long hiatus, what is:Artists in Metal - Chicago. Would
this be something I could participate in?.Thanks, Pat

Hi all, If anyone in the Chicago area is planning to attend the
International gem and Jewelry show this month, Please email me your
snail mail address and I will send you some free passes. I hope to
meet some of you there I will be in booth #411 Please stop by just
to say hello. Thanks,

Jason Penn
Jason Penn Designs
Your source for custom stone cutting

Jason I would like to attend that show free passes would be very
sweet of you, Thank you, I will see you in booth #411. Bari