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Hello everyone at Ganoksin.

I’m an artist who works in a variety of media - including silver and
precious metal clay. Here’s my question: How do I go about finding a
rep? I really, really, really REALLY, hate cold calling, etc.
Everytime I do it, I get so dejected I can’t muster up the courage to
do it again for months. Ridiculous I know, but it’s just one of those
things. And the sad thing is, it’s just my timing that’s off - I get
fabulous responses to my work, I just keep hitting the stores at the
wrong time of year after they’ve spent their open to buy. I have a
business background in advertising (also as a creative, but a writer)
and I should be able to handle this aspect of the business better,
but I would really like to have someone else either accompany me
and/or just rep me, so I can work in my studio and not worry about
these things. Any advise, referrals, or would be greatly
appreciated. And if you’d like to take a look at some of my work, look
for my name amongst the artist’s portfolios at - which by
the way offers free portfolios for artists.

Thanks again.
Riva Weinstein

Hi Riva,

I looked at your work in the artists portfolio (very nice) and the
the first place that came to my mind for you to sell was the New York
Gift Show. I know that there used to be a board at these shows where
you could post an ad if you were looking for a sales rep. Another
option is to obtain a copy of the Gift show guide and look for the
jewelery sales reps that are displaying at the show. Call them and
ask if they will represent you. They take a commission and some do
ask for fees to be in the gift show or to be shown in their showroom.
Another option is to go to a sales rep for the stationary show. (I
think that could be a good outlet)

If you have a printed brochure send me a few , as there is a fabulous
new store that opened up in my area and I will talk to them (they do
not carry jewelry but I could see your items in their store) and I
might know of a couple of other people. I will try. Email me offline
if interested and I will email you my address.