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Reproduction ancient jewelry and artifacts

Was: CAD, how would I get started?

Hi Linda,

Charles, please tell us more! Reproduction ancient
jewelry/artifacts is something I find fascinating. 

I belong to a group that studies Dark Age history, amongst us we
collect artifacts. I own a few nice artifacts, mainly brooches, pins
and mount points. Others own items that have a higher historical

Some of these artifacts can have a direct mould taken, some are just
too fragile.

For the fragile artifacts we hand sculpt, or hand forge replicas. We
could use a 3D scanner to make a more accurate replica, and it has
been investigated (it’s still on the maybe pile of things to get).
Most of the jewellery of that period was cast, so for us using
castings are no big deal.

One of the reasons we replicate these artifacts is, in our research
we can learn how they were used.

This is shared with a global community of archaeologists
and professors. One such item was a “T” shaped ornament that went on
the bottom of an Anglo-Saxon apron. The archaeologists were
scratching their heads. We gave the “T” shaped objects to our female
members and they figured out what it was straight away. It was a hook
used to attach the bottom of the apron to the top of the apron, and
it made a pouch.

Technology is a means for us to accurately replicate the past, and
capture those items from history.

Regards Charles A.