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Repousse with Rocio!

Hello all! We have 3 spaces in Rocio’s workshop that has just become
available. If you are interested in learning from a master in this
cold technique of repousse, now is the time to learn.

Repouss� describes an object, usually made of metal, that has been
shaped or ornamented with patterns in relief, made by hammering or
pressing on the reverse side. The basic technique for creating
repouss� is an ancient one, with specific techniques, tools, and
materials dependant on history and culture.

Dates & Times:
Nov 1-2

Tuition: $275	Materials: $45

Roc�o Heredia (Rocio’s Bio)

The work of Roc�o Heredia reflects the tradition that evolved in
Mexico, a tradition rich in the complexities of Spanish conquest and
the aboriginal Aztec and Teotihuacan societies. The metals most
commonly used in this Mexican tradition are tin, copper, silver, and

During this workshop, students will learn how to emboss high-relief
designs onto a thin sheet of metal. Several special techniques will
be described and issues of design and execution will be discussed.
Students will learn how to trace and transfer a design, outline the
design, and bring the design into relief by embossing and raising,
applying surface textures, and engraving. Finally, finishing
techniques include filling the back of the piece, applying a patina
and polishing.

Specific metal, felt-tip, and wooden hand tools will be used in the
process. Previous experience is helpful, but not required.

Karen Christians
50 Guinan St.
Waltham, MA 02451
Ph: 781/891-3854
Fx: 781/891-3857
email: @Karen_Christians