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Repost from Tyler list

This is a re-post that I thought might be of interest to the
Orchid list. Charles


Stanley, and all members:

TOKYO GEIJYUTSU DAIGAKU(Tokyo Art University or Tokyo National
University of Fine Art) has their official web page.
Unfortunately, English version is now underconstruction, but you
can see faculty’s and students’ works in Jewelry dept.(alchemy
majors). Some of them have CAD or CG works, but the page is
written only by Japanese. If you still interested in seeing
their works, please follow this direction to go to the alchemy
majors page from the main page:

  1. Choose JAPANESE virsion.(English version only has the list of
    foreign artists’ home pages and links.

  2. (Main Page) To go to the Art Dept.(…because they also have
    the Music dept.), choose the third category from your right. If
    you can see 4 KANJI characters(Bi-Jyutsu-Gaku-Bu), this is what
    you need to click.

  3. (Art Dept…,Bi-Jyutsu-Gaku-Bu) Find the English word “Link”,
    and go to each majors’ home pages.

  4. (List of the Pages) In the list, click the 3rd from the top
    category to go to the Jewelry(alchemy) majors official page.

  5. (Alchemy majors’ page) Choose the 2nd category(has 3 Kanji
    characters). These are the names of faculty and students. You can
    see their works.

     Doctorial level student(1 person)
     Post grad(1 person)
     2nd year grad.
     1st year grad.
     Senior(4th year)
     Junior(3rd year)(underconstruction)

As I said, some of these people are working on computers, so
check them out. If you have any questions, please ask me.

Kawase, Kaori

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