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Report on The Harrison County Gem and Mineral Society


I attended my local ‘rock club’ holiday dinner last night in
Asheville, N.C. where we passed the hat to help our colleagues in
Gulfport, Mississippi. The following is a plea that they sent and we
were happy to be able to help with some cash. Maybe others on the
Orchid forum are looking for a way to help? Mary Bradt

A Report on The Harrison County Gem and Mineral Society
Gulfport, Mississippi

WE ARE ALL ALIVE, many are displaced at this time, due to the
total loss of their homes and I do mean total loss.

At our last meeting, we only had 10 members that could attend
and they were all suffering from the dreaded “lack of rock dust
syndrome” caused by the loss of the society’s two Genies, 2
Graves faceters, two dop wax pots, 2 saws 4-inch and 7-inch, a
flat lap and all of the many accessories used to conduct our
monthly workshop (which is open to the public and is free of

As if that wasn’t enough, the individual membership lost; nine
Genies, three Pixies, two Lortone 8 units, five faceting
machines (two Graves, one Fac-Ette, one Ultra-Tec and on Ray
Tech), three foredoom machines, one vacuum casting machine,
one centrifugal caster, one complete wax mold making setup and
wax injector, eight 7-inch saws, three 4-inch saws, one
10-inch combination saw, three burn out ovens, and an unknown
number of accessories.

One has only to look around their own workshop and think how
they would feel if they lost it all. It is totally
devastating. Yet, we are alive and will rebuild.

If any of our rock hound friends or if you know someone that
could help us out with used, rebuilt, or even new equipment
and accessories, please call me at 1.228.863.6312 or ship to:

        Harrison County Gem & Mineral Society
        C/o Billy E. Wood, Cofounder and Current President
        616 N. Wright Ave.
        Long Beach, MS 39560