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Report on Michael Sturlin Workshop


I have just returned from a wonderful workshop at Metalwerx on hand
crochetted chains, taught by Michael Sturlin. I can’t say enough to
describe this experience; Michael has such a gentle, patient,
determined approach, with such careful choice of words to describe
his technique: mindful, meditative work. Of course his chains are
absolutely beautiful, but his skills as a teacher are equally
remarkable. His careful explanations, his demonstrations, his
attentiveness to each of his students made for a truly memorable
weekend. And, he also provided us with a very detailed synopsis of
what had been discussed, including photographs of each step-a
valuable resource for when we’re back in the studio alone.Even
though a little snow shortened the workshop by a day, I think each
student left with a complete chain, and a good feeling of confidence
in her ability to continue to make chains at home.

So, I would certainly urge any of you to seize the opportunity to
take a workshop with Michael!

Daphne McDonald