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Replacing Hoses on Smith LIttle Torch

Hello—I am replacing the hoses on my Smith LIttle Torch for the first time and have shredded the fabric covering. Any advice on how to get the plastic tubing on the nipple without damaging the fabric covering? Also, can I cut 1.5” off and start over? Thank you

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Rio has a good video on how to replace a Little Torch hose set. I don’t know why you couldn’t cut off 1.5" of hose…Rob

Thanks Rob—I did see the Rio video but couldn’t get it to work like he did without destroying the fabric. I will cut off some tubing and try again.

Good luck…Rob

I have replaced many…
you can cut the tubing no problem… the coverings are so you know which hose to connect where and to resist abrasion… that said as long as you do not sandpaper your hoses they are not needed…
I go to my hardware store and but tigon tubing and use that same hose at a fraction of the cost… you can use the metal sleeves to hold the tubing in place as originally or if needed you can use wrapped wire twisted to tighten them if needed… it to just to keep the tubing from expanding when pressurized…

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Thank you so much for your information!