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Replacing clip backs with sterling posts

Have a set of earrings with clip backs, want to replace them with
posts. Earrings are enamel - not sure if vitreous or not but don’t
think they are true enamel.

I think I can use a separating disc to remove the clip, would low
temp solder be good enough to attach the posts? Wrap front in
CoolJool or wet paperand then put on posts with it?

Suggestions? Are there allergy issues I should worry about?


perfect job for a laser welder

Would not suggest covering the enamel with any substance. if it
starts to get soft it would just harden again. But if stuff" is on
it, would ruin it.

if true enamel it would do OK, if 2 part epoxy (ceramit) Poof! Gone.

this is a perfect job for a laser welding.

I have some contacts for trade shop laser welding if you need them

David Geller

Belinda- Run. Run away as fast as you can.

Often clip earrings are clip on because they are too big to hang
properly with just a post. I have seen way too many lovely old
costume pieces ruined by conversion. They just flop forward on the

The enamel is probably plastic and will burn the nano second you
take a torch to it. Earrings of that sort are also mostly plated pot
metal with a melting point of about 600F. You can melt them with a
bic lighter.

Sterling posts often irritate pieced ears.

With out seeing the earrings…

The most you might be able to do is to glue on a stainless post with
a large glue pad. Leave the clip on, loosen the clip a little, drill
a hole in it for the post to go through so that the clip will help
keep the earring upright on the ear.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer

For what it’s worth, I agree with Jo. Be sure to rough up the areas
where the glue will be and use epoxy. If the finding is a screw back,
cut off the screw portion and sometimes the ‘U’ can be formed into a
loop, which will hang from a french hook or such.

Judy in Kansas, who has converted many such costume earrings.