Replacing casting equipment for academic setting

Hello, I am looking to upgrade/replace the casting equipment in our university studio. We have had both a V.I.C 12 vacuum caster as well as a centrifuge for decades. They are pretty worm from years os student use. I was looking at the Neutec J-2R from Rio. Thoughts? Over kill? We do not cast every day, Just as needed through the semester. Would certainly get them better castings I think. Thoughts are appreciated!

I’d think that if the typical students dream is be a jeweler or metal artist that it’s better to stick with a more basic vacuum and spring operated centrifugal casting set up. That’s what most makers use, one or the other, or both. Only when they begin volume manufacturing would they look at the more expensive systems in their future working lives. They’d likely start out with vacuum and spinning.

Better to spend that money on cad software and an inexpensive growing machine. They will need to be exposed to and understand that if they are hoping to make a living in the field.

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Its hard to beat the VIC 12, I bought it because it has the most powerful vacum pump for the money

Thanks. We do have CAD and ability to print castable resin or wax. I’ll likely replace the VIOC 12 with a new one and sell our old one.


That’s excellent Karen!
Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

I’m an advocate of vacuum casting. Your vacuum table is probably still usable maybe with a new vacuum pump. Not much to go wrong there. The other thing that I would consider would be an electromelt with a thermocouple control. Great for vacuum casting. The only drawback is the graphite crucible. Should be replaced every 5 pours. Of course you could buy a lot of crucibles for the price of the Nuetec.