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Replacement parts for Jelenko thermotrol 2500

Hi folks, this is my first time posting to Orchid; hopefully I did
everything right and didn’t spam y’all. Anyway, I recently purchased
a Jelenko Thermotrol 2500 for a song at auction, but it is missing
the muffle and some of the mounting hardware for the flask on the
casting arm. Does anyone out there have replacement parts for the
machine they’d be willing to part with or know where I might find
some? If it’s any help, my machine shipped with spares for the parts
it *did *come with. If anyone is looking for a new spring assembly
or extra graphite casting flasks, I’ve got a whole bunch I’d be
willing to trade/sell. I have a lot of shop experience, so if you
could even just send me measurements or drawings of the parts I could
probably just make my own copies of them (as well as copies for
anyone interested as well). Thanks in advance!

John Scrudato