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Repairing worn tube pendant help?


This much loved reproduction of a traditional Viking Thor pendant is wearing away where the leather strap attaches, (which also causes the leather to wear and break).
What is my best approach to fix both problems? And how? I’m a happy hobbiest, with a few night classes under my belt, so please assume I need simple explanations


so, is that rounded end a hollow tube ring…?

the piece looks cast and has a worn, irregular, antiquity look… so if replacing the tube end, would want it to feel same…and probably need to replace both ends…



Get or make a silver pipe that fits snug inside but has a good enough hole to fit you’re leather strap , cut it slightly longer than the length of the hile in the pendant, I would say 2 to 3mm longer ( depending on the with of the pipe )

Center it inside and using a ball punch bigger tan the hole (about the side of the hole in the piece )

Punch from each side simultaneously

This can be easily done putting one punch in a vise


that is a genius solution!

basically a liner/ lining for the inside of the hole, to protect the leather, leaving the outside as original…genius!



Inserting a tube is a great idea.

When I expand your first photo, It’s hard to see but there appears to be rough metal inside the hole, so you might need to file inside the hole to get the tube to fit, but be careful not to file away too much metal.

Another alternative is to use a necklace made of metal instead of leather.

Another alternative will somewhat change the look of the pendant. Put a large jump ring in the hole and attach the leather cord like a thong on the jump ring. If you want to do more, you could terminate the ends of the necklace on the jump ring.


Put a piece of silver tubing through it and then expand the ends over the damaged area on both sides, polish and add the leather piece…Rob


Sorry! I didn’t see that this solution had already been posted…Rob


Thank you all! I will have a go with adding an inner tube. :grinning:


First, Hail to the elder gods! And I agree with yvesroldan,inserting a silver tube and ball punching it in place is the best method if you don’t have access/ability to solder.