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Repairing antique rhinestone jewelry

Was: New Members for December 27, 2014

Hello Chris Crouch, and all the new members.

Welcome to the Orchid Forum.

I'm a diamond setter / goldsmith that has worked in the UK for
many years and has now returned to my home country of South Africa
and have my own shop in the small wine lands village of Franschhoek
in the Western Cape. Our jewelry is entirely handmade but as the
business grows I'll be looking into c asting and CAD. 

I am glad someone in the rhinestone industry has come aboard, as I
am currently repairing a great deal of rhinestone jewelry from the
30s and 40s. I need to find a vendor that can supply parts including
old style clasps.

Can you help me? Help and from anyone would be greatly

Happy New Year to everyone,
Veva Bailey