Repairing a braclet

I am repairing a braclet for a friend because several stones had
fallen out. The stones apparently were foil backed. I need to find
someone who can tell me what I need to do to get the stones I cut to
work. I used quartz (very small), I glued them in the braclet, and
I did not know that the other stones were backed with foil until
now. I unglued the stones, and I am waiting to find out what I
should do to make these stones look normal. Any help would be

Anna Rice, @ricetom

By placing glue on the back of quartz stones, it is effecting the
refractive index of the material. You are actually seeing the glue
thru the stones. There isnt a remedy to this ,except gluing in more
foilbacks. The foilback coating keeps the glue from showing thru.
Light bounces off of the ‘mirror’ side of the foil coating and back
to your eye. Rio carries a decent selection of foilbacks, but the
minimum orders can be tough sometimes.Ed