Repair pricing by JCk maagzine

I pulled this off the net. It’s a JCK article from 2000. VERY
INTERESTING. Plase go to to the area I blocked off with asterisks
"*" and see what the survey shows as what retailers reported to JCK
as the top three complaints from custoemrs about the repair
Amazing. I’ve said it all along: David Geller

JCK Snapshot: Bench Jewelers in America* We asked members of our
retail panel some questions about bench jewelers. Here are the
results of our poll:

Do you employ one or more bench jewelers?
Yes 77% No 23%

What is their average amount of experience?
16 years.

What is their average total annual compensation?

How is most of your bench jewelers’ time spent?
Repairing jewelry (60% of the workday),
Designing/making jewelry (20%),
Restoring vintage jewelry (5%),
Cleaning (5%),
Repairing watches (5%),
Changing watch batteries, straps (5%)

What are the top three complaints by customers about work done by
your bench jewelers?
Time required to return an item (50%)
Quality of work (10%)
Cost of work (10%)

Besides standard benefits like sick leave and vacation, what
nontraditional “perks” do you offer to your bench jewelers?
Bonuses (99%),
Continuing education (81%),
Profit sharing (47%),
Payment of association membership dues (43%),
Share of revenues generated by the backroom (23%),
Health insurance (12%).

Source: April 2000 JCK Retail Panel