Repair prices

Hello everyone,

I am starting to do some basic repairs in my studio for a couple
stores…i.e. setting diamonds into a basic 4 prong earring setting,
sizing a ring, making a couple bezels etc…and am having a problem
figuring out what to charge.

Is anyone able to share their charges with me, off line.

Thanks very much,


It’s been a while since I worked in CT but when I was living there I
did a lot of repair. Email me and I’ll help you out where I can.


Buy Gellers’ repair pricing book

Laurie-- Start out right-- Buy the Geller Blue Book and use it, so
you don’t begin your repair business by charging too little for your

Geller is right-- repairs are trust based, not price sensitive. If
you do trade work for local shops, you’ll need to get them on board.
We were able increase our prices to triple key for all repairs, and
pay our trade shop more, so they are happy. Our repair business is
better than ever. Go to

Mardon Jewelers