Repair of Snake Bracelet

generous listers,

I apologize for giving more than I get from this list, but I have
another question for you all.

Someone brought me a broken snake bracelet. It the kind that wraps
on and off, so one has to bend the metal a bit each time it’s worn.
This piece was her grandmother’s. We can’t find a sterling mark on
it anywhere, but it looks like sterling and she says it polishes up
like sterling.

It looks to be made from a thin sheet of sterling that was rolled
inwards from both sides to create the body shape of the snake.

My question is how do I go about repairing it? Or should I suggest
she take it to someone experienced in restoring antique jewelry?


Jocelyn Broyles
Costa Rica ph(011 506) 376.6417
U.S. fax (253) 669.1679


It is always better to contract with the best person for the job
rather than the nightmare problems that can happen.

I will refer you to Trina McCandles who is an expert at period
jewelry conservation and she uses a laser welder

McCandless Custom Jewelry & Appraisal 
567 Vauxhall St Ext. Ste 204 
Waterford CT 06385

Best of luck