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Repair in Honolulu

help with a repair in Honolulu

Hi all

A necklace I made for a client in Honolulu was damaged in transit.
It is comprised of five 20k gold amulets strung with large trade
beads. The amulets have a forged texture and are pierced with a
petroglyph-like image of a caribou. Two of the amulets were bent in
shipping. They are curved - formed by forging over a teaspoon. I
think it is a simple job to re-form the bent pieces, but my client
doesn’t want to do it herself, and for logistical reasons, I’m not
available to do it myself. Is there a jeweler in Hawaii, preferably
in Honolulu, who could help? I can supply a photo if that helps.

Leslie Chapman
Fortymile Gold

Hi, I live on Oahu and might be able to handle this. I am more of a
craftsman jeweler than a bench jeweler but I do a fair amount of
forging and metal work. I would love to see your picture to see if
it’s something I could help you with.

Abby Eaton