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Repair Contract


I have to remove a unknown stone (Treated?, Lab? Synth? all unknown)
from old setting and re-set into a new one, and the ring it self
isn’t super well made either.

So what I’m looking for is a sample of a repair contract that will
release me from any liability if something goes wrong.

I don’t expect any serious problems and I don’t think the person
would try to sue, BUT, I’d rather cover my butt as I’m far too poor
to take a hit and at the same time she can’t afford to have a
seasoned pro work on it.

Thank You
gWebber -

I’m looking for a “CYA” sort of form for select repairs. A particular
diamond channel earring job has me a little bit nervous, and I just
don’t know the customer well enough to do the work without some sort
of waiver on file.

Could you direct me to the appropriate resource if you know of one?

Thank you for your time.

When needed I write simple disclaimers on the job envelope and have
the customers sign it…This has saved many headaches over the