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Renaissance Wax source?

Does anyone know where to get Renaissance Wax? Thanks in advance
for any


Kim, I found it the web. Just write in “rennaisance wax” and you
will will get several stores that will ship it to you. I ordered
mine from a hardware store somewhere in the south. If I can find
the receipt I’ll post the phone #. Jen

I found it in a woodworkers shop at a pretty reasonable price.

Marilyn Smith

Kim;; Try Talas
213 West 35 Street
NY NY 10001-1996 212 736-7744 Fax 212 465 8722

I bought some there about two years ago. Sandra

Hi Kim - I haven’t bought this wax in a long time (thank
goodness a little goes a long way, as it’s so expensive !!), but
I believe I bought mine from a supply house in Silver Spring, Md
called R&D Jewelry Supply House. It’s on Apple Ave. and while I
don’t have the exact address the phone no. is: 301-588-7296. If
they don’t have any, they may be able to direct you to someone
who does.

FYI, I took a patination workshop last year and the instructor
indicated that there were alternatives which she felt were also
good that were far less expensive, which included: Beeswax,
Turtle Car Wax, and Johnson’s Furniture Wax.

Good Luck - Laura