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Remy Rotenier workshop thoughts

I wanted to share my thoughts on a recent workshop, Hand Rendering at
Kate Wolf Studio with designer Remy Rotenier. In a one week class I
learned so much more than I thought I would. Kate’s studio is a
wonderful welcoming one for any workshop, and Portland, Maine is an
adorable city to visit. Remy is talented beyond words and he was so
patient and helpful with each student. I think hand rendering of
jewelry is an artform in itself, and it is a necessary skill for
every designer. If you “don’t draw” I strongly encourage you to eat
your words and seek him out, you will surprise yourself with a new
found ability and passion!



Thank you so much for taking the time to reflect on a good
instructor, good workshop and a good studio.

Were more to do the same, it would benefit all involved.

Students would know about positive workshops, what was gained and
the value of the instructor.

Instructors would have deserved exposure and develop a following.

Studios would gain exposure, ensuring students.

I know from personal experience a successful workshop needs all of
the above, resulting in the below.

Students would confidentially register to take the workshop.

Instructor will have students prepared to understand and learn,
expectations will be met.

Studios will be able to offer more workshops, knowing the students
will be there.

Really, it is a win/win situation.

Thanks again Belle,

Whaley Studios Workshop Coordinator

To Terrie, Whaley Studios Workshop Coordinator - thank you. You made
some excellent points, and have spurred me to share my impressions of
a recent workshop.Recently I attended a two-day workshop at the
Denver School of Metal Arts - “Forming w/ Stakes & Hammers” with
Bill Fretz. I was blown away by the sheer amount of techniques,
helpful tips, and offered by Mr. Fretz. I have taken a
few workshops before, where theory and technique might be described,
notes are taken, some time is spent hands-on, and at the end you
know how to make only that one piece.

This workshop was way more dynamic than that. Mr. Fretz showed us
some amazing shapes (Convex, Concave, Mobius, in rings, bracelets,
and vessels), showed us his stake sets and how to use them, then we
got to work.

All day, both days. He’d come around to each student, correcting hand
placement, critiquing stance, sharing tips, multiple times, all day
long. Periodically we’d all gather round and watch him demo the next
shape, size or technique - then back at it. I learned so much, and am
so excited to get to hammering - I learned a new skill set, not
simply a new technique. (Initially I wondered if the workshop was
centered around his product line, but we learned general knowledge,
to be used with any kind of forming shape. That’s not going to stop
me from getting my own Fretz set ASAP, however, as they are
beautifully made and incredibly adaptive.)As a beginner, I found the
workshop to be well worth the money and highly recommend it to anyone
who might be considering it. No affiliation, just a very satisfied

Susan “Sam” Kaffine


Thank you for keeping the ball rolling.

I have known Bill Fretz for quite a few years seeing him at the
Tucson, Rio Catalog in Motion. I will contact him to see about giving
a Workshop in San Diego at Whaley Studios.

This is a win/win situation, and I thank you.